How to Greet in Chinese

你好ni-hao-is-not-enough. Learn to greet properly in Chinese and stun your Chinese-speaking friends!


教案:你好、你好吗? 我很好。你呢?


教案: 你是哪国人?我是美国人。你也是美国人吗?不是,我是台湾人。

How to Express Love in Chinese

Learn more decent ways to say I love you to your lover in Chinese.


你家有几个人?我家有____个人。你家有什么人?____ , _____ ... 和我。

Bolicc Learn Songs-Dear Mama

Here is a song for you to learn to express love to your mom! (pinyin subtitles included)

Bolicc News Made Easy with Audio#1:Blue Whale Challenge

Listen and learn about "Blue Whale" in easy and slow Chinese.