How to receive things in Chinese: 收(shōu)vs. 受(shòu)

In English among many other things one can “receive” a piece of mail, and one can “receive” good or bad emotional news. In each case, the verb is "to receive,” and we think of those two acts as in some way the same. But Chinese has two characters that are frequently used to mean "to ...


教学内容 : 你的电话几号?手机(号码)是多少?




教案:你哪年出生? 我______年生。几月几号?____月_____号。

Things to do on Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan

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Bolicc News Made Easy with Audio#2:Manchester Arena Bombing

Listen to Manchester terrorist attack news in easy Chinese


教案:你姓什么?小姐,贵姓?你叫什么名字?我姓 ___。我叫 ___。很高兴认识你。

How to Take your Greetings to the Next Level

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