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Where am I

I have long thought that prepositions are the most annoying feature of English for students of that language. Why is it “in the night city of time”? Why am I “in the house” but “at home”? Why is “of example” wrong, but “by way of example” is correct?

The five songs that best express your love for someone

Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming! Let’s learn some Chinese songs to express your LOVE!

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Addressing People through Courtesy Titles- “Surname + Title”

Once you have mastered this unit, you will be able to use several titles to address people appropriately.

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Asking for Opinions with “…… zěnmeyàng?”

Once you have mastered the unit, you will be able to use five phrases to respond to the questions “How about …?”.

Thinking about thinking

So how to translate different conceptions of the English verb “to think” into Chinese? I don’t claim to have entirely resolved it, but this is how I, well, think about it.

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Some Common Responses to the Greeting “How are you?”

We are going to start by introducing several common responses to the greeting “How are you?.” Once you have mastered the unit, you will be able to use Chinese to reply to the question and inquire about how someone is.


One of the most important tasks in becoming truly fluent in a language is to pronounce its sounds properly.

Getting Started

Learning Chinese might end up being the most difficult and challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been at it a year now and I speak Chinese like a … well, a one year old.

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