Bolicc Learn Songs-Because of Love

Here is a song for you to learn to express love to your beloved ones! (pinyin subtitles included)

第十二课 我在学校的书店买书

教学内容 : 你不在教室,你在哪里?我在学校的书店买书。



第十课 喂!请问,__在吗?

教学内容 : 喂,请问,______ 在吗?我就是。

In Chinese, it’s never relative

One of the workhorse parts of speech in English and in most European languages is the relative pronoun. These include that, when, which, who/whom/whose, where and a few other less frequently used ones. Usually they modify or specify nouns: “the restaurant where we ate last night/that we ate at last night,” “my neighbor who is ...


教学内容 : 你到哪里去?我去 _______。你呢?

Searching for the meaning of “找”

As you can see already, English and Chinese words do not exactly match one to one.


教学内容 : 你是不是学生?你做什么工作?我是老师。