One of the most important tasks in becoming truly fluent in a language is to pronounce its sounds properly.

課程019 太貴了!可以便宜一點嗎?

教學內容:太+Adj+了/Adj+一點/相關 Adj(6-8 個)
所需時間:約 50 分鐘

Getting Started

Learning Chinese might end up being the most difficult and challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been at it a year now and I speak Chinese like a … well, a one year old.

課程018 這件看起來不錯。可以試穿嗎?

教學內容:顏色(6 種)/衣褲(6-8 種)/看起來+Adj/可以+VO 嗎?

Bolicc Learn Songs-One is Like Summer, One is Like Autumn

Here is a song for you to learn about friendship. (pinyin subtitles included)

Bolicc News Made Easy with Audio#2:Manchester Arena Bombing

Listen to Manchester terrorist attack news in easy Chinese

The holiday season in Taiwan

In this piece I share some thoughts on Christmas (聖誕節 Shèngdànjié) and New Year’s (新年xīnnián) in Taiwan.

課程017 他們今天晚上都在圖書館看書。


課程016 七點去上課以前,我要洗澡、吃飯。

教學內容 : 人+時+事(活動)/以後/以前

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