The five songs that best express your love for someone

Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming! Let’s learn some Chinese songs to express your LOVE!

Do you sometimes have a hard time expressing your love for someone? Well, don’t worry! You can say it with a song. Here are five different scenarios and five songs that will make it easier to say, “I love you.”

  • Do the prince and the princess have to live in a castle? True love is not always a fairy tale. Just doing simple little things together can also be happiness! If you are quiet and shy, make it simple by sharing this tune!

Learning Point

我想牽著你的手不放開 I want to hold your hand, and not let it go.

簡單愛  SIMPLE LOVE - 周杰倫 Jay Chou
女:我家到了。你早點睡,明天見。我的手…… (I’m home. You should to bed earlier tonight, I’ll see you tomorrow. My hand …)
男:我想牽著妳的手不放開。 (I want to hold your hand, and not let it go.)

  • Is there a situation where you want to say so many things but don’t know how to say them? Sometimes, simply saying, “I Miss You” says it all!

Learning Point

好想你 (No matter where you are, if you aren’t with me) I miss you.

好想你  I MISS YOU! - 四葉草 Joyce Chu

女:你在哪裡?我好想你(Where are you? I miss you so much!)
男:我在你心裡啊!我也想妳! (I’m in your heart! I miss you as well!)

  • Love songs can also be very stylish. Want to confess your love for someone? Let this sweetest love song express your feelings to a guy/gal.

Learning Point

擁有你就擁有全世界 Having you is like having the world!

告白氣球 CONFESSION BALLOON - 周杰倫 Jay Chou

女:你的生日快到了,你想要什麼禮物? (Your birthday is coming. What do you want?)
男:擁有妳就擁有全世界,妳就是最好的禮物。 (Having you is like having the world. You are the best gift.)

  • Never want to be without your lover? Being in love means wanting to be together all the time.

Learning Point

隨時都要一起 Wanting to be together all the time!

愛你 LOVING YOU! - 陳芳語 Kimberley Chen

女:他們兩個隨時都在一起,是不是已經在一起啦? (I always see them together. Are they already seeing one another?)
男:我們兩個不是也隨時都在一起嗎?那你要當我女朋友嗎? (We are together all the time, aren’t we? Do you want to be my girlfriend then?)

  • Directly confessing your love without any polishing is the most powerful and touching way. Let’s tell your lover that she/he is totally special, that there is no one else in your heart.

Learning Point

唯一愛的就是你 The only one I love is you!

愛的就是你 YOU ARE THE ONE I LOVE! - 王力宏Leehom Wang

女:聽說你昨天跟前女友一起喝咖啡? (I heard you had coffee with your ex-girlfriend yesterday?)
男:喔!我們剛好在星巴克碰到而已!寶貝,我唯一愛的就是你(Oh, we just happened to meet at Starbucks! Baby, the only one I love is you. There’s no one else in my heart!)

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