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The five songs that best express your love for someone

Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming! Let’s learn some Chinese songs to express your LOVE!

课程006 我十九岁,下个月二十岁。


课程005 你的生日是几月几号?


课程002 小姐,贵姓?叫什么(名字)?


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Addressing People through Courtesy Titles- “Surname + Title”

Once you have mastered this unit, you will be able to use several titles to address people appropriately.

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Asking for Opinions with “…… zěnmeyàng?”

Once you have mastered the unit, you will be able to use five phrases to respond to the questions “How about …?”.

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Some Common Responses to the Greeting “How are you?”

We are going to start by introducing several common responses to the greeting “How are you?.” Once you have mastered the unit, you will be able to use Chinese to reply to the question and inquire about how someone is.

课程019 太贵了!可以便宜一点吗?

教学内容:太+Adj+了/Adj+一点/相关 Adj(6-8 个)
所需时间:约 50 分钟

课程018 这件看起来不错。可以试穿吗?

教学内容:颜色(6 种)/衣裤(6-8 种)/看起来+Adj/可以+VO 吗?

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