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Some Common Responses to the Greeting “How are you?”

We are going to start by introducing several common responses to the greeting “How are you?.” Once you have mastered the unit, you will be able to use Chinese to reply to the question and inquire about how someone is.


One of the most important tasks in becoming truly fluent in a language is to pronounce its sounds properly.

课程019 太贵了!可以便宜一点吗?

教学内容:太+Adj+了/Adj+一点/相关 Adj(6-8 个)
所需时间:约 50 分钟

Getting Started

Learning Chinese might end up being the most difficult and challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been at it a year now and I speak Chinese like a … well, a one year old.

课程018 这件看起来不错。可以试穿吗?

教学内容:颜色(6 种)/衣裤(6-8 种)/看起来+Adj/可以+VO 吗?

Bolicc Learn Songs-One is Like Summer, One is Like Autumn

Here is a song for you to learn about friendship. (pinyin subtitles included)

The holiday season in Taiwan

In this piece I share some thoughts on Christmas (圣诞节 Shèngdànjié) and New Year’s (新年xīnnián) in Taiwan.

课程017 他们今天晚上都在图书馆看书。


课程016 七点去上课以前,我要洗澡、吃饭。

教学内容 : 人+时+事(活动)/以后/以前

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