Things to do on Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan

Are you new to Taiwan? This one is for you.

Are you new to Taiwan? This one is for you.

Are you traveling between Asian countries during the beautiful time of mid-May to the end of the month?

If you are, this article will show you one most interesting thing to do during the Dragon Boat Festival here in Taiwan.

Balancing the eggs on the Equinox 立蛋(lìdàn)

立(lì):To be standing; to place something into the upright position


春分到,蛋兒俏。(Chūn fēn dào, dàn’ér qiào)

The Chinese slang goes “The spring is here, the egg is dear.” This means that when the spring equinox comes, the eggs will be especially beautiful.

In Chinese culture, people generally believe thatthe “陽氣yángqì”, the positive qì (the energy that flows in a human body) of Taichi, is the strongest during the Dragon Boat Festival. Therefore, it’s comparatively  easy to balance an egg on its end at this particular hour as opposed to other times of the year. If you succeed, it will bring you good luck for the coming year.

In the year 2012, Xinchu City held an Egg Standing Event during the Dragon Boat Festival. More than 5500 peopleparticipated in the event and 4247 eggs were successfully balanced, which broke Guinness World of Records.


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