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Listen and learn about “Blue Whale” in easy and slow Chinese.

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「蓝鲸任務」是一个社群网站上流行的死亡游戏。 这个游戏邀请十到十四岁的青少年完成五十个任务。第五十个任务是自杀。 「蓝鲸任务」一开始很简单,像是看恐怖电影、在凌晨四点二十分起床思索死亡。 但是,任务到后来会变成自残。 最后一天,他们就会要求参与这个游戏的青少年自杀。

Learn Vocab Words in the News

蓝鲸(lánjīng):The blue whale
邀请(yāoqǐng):To invite
自杀(zìshā):To commit suicide
凌晨(língchén):It literally means “close to the morning.”
Colloquially it is referred to the time from midnight to five o’clock.
自残(zìcán):To harm oneself
参与(cānyù):To participate



Blue Whale Challenge is a widespread online “game of death”. This game invites teenagers that are 10 to 14 years old to complete fifty missions that are assigned by a curator.
The fiftieth mission is to have the participants commit suicide.
Blue Whale Challenge starts with simple missions, like watching horror movies, waking up at four twenty in the morning and thinking over death.
The game turns violent and the curator will force them to harm themselves.
On the final day, participants are urged to commit suicide.

For higher level learners, go to DQ地球圖輯隊 and read full text to know more about “Blue Whale Challenge”.

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