Bolicc News Made Easy with Audio#2:Manchester Arena Bombing

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造成(zàochéng):To cause

受伤(shòushāng):To be injured


售票口(shòupiàokǒ):Ticket window

演唱会(yǎnchànghuì):Music concert

恐怖攻击(zkǒngbù gōngjí):Terrorist attack

炸弹客(zhàdàn kè):Bomber


8489557459_c577e59ed8_bOn the evening of Monday May 22nd, around 10:30pm, a bomb exploded at the Manchester Arena, causing the death of 22 people and leaving 120 injured.
The explosion took place near the ticket windows at Manchester Arena. That night, there were 21,000 people attending Ariana Grande’s music concert.
The police claimed that this was a terrorist attack. The bomber may have used a bomb constructed of nails.


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Photo credit: AndyNugent via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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