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In Chinese, it’s never relative

One of the workhorse parts of speech in English and in most European languages is the relative pronoun. These include that, when, which, who/whom/whose, where and a few other less frequently used ones. Usually they modify or specify nouns: “the restaurant where we ate last night/that we ate at last night,” “my neighbor who is ...


教学内容 : 你到哪里去?我去 _______。你呢?

Searching for the meaning of “找”

A Taiwanese acquaintance of mine recently told a third party (who shared the story with me) that he was going to Taichung to meet up with his wife, who lives with him in Taipei but was temporarily down there. In American English, the story might be rendered just as I did above, or a person ...


教学内容 : 你是不是学生?你做什么工作?我是老师。

How to receive things in Chinese: 收(shōu)vs. 受(shòu)

In English among many other things one can “receive” a piece of mail, and one can “receive” good or bad emotional news. In each case, the verb is "to receive,” and we think of those two acts as in some way the same. But Chinese has two characters that are frequently used to mean "to ...


教学内容 : 你的电话几号?手机(号码)是多少?




教案:你哪年出生? 我______年生。几月几号?____月_____号。