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巴拿馬翡翠莊園(Hacienda La Esmeralda)各種獨特的咖啡豆聞名。今年八月,他們栽培的咖啡豆以一磅 601美元打破紀錄這款拔得頭籌的藝妓咖啡是衣索比亞引進的。
本來只是當作莊園的防風林直到有人注意到它獨特的風味後才一炮而紅這款咖啡豆有著茉莉、荔枝、桃子等風味這些風味非常少見參與咖啡評分的Mike Perry:

Learn Vocab Words in the News

獨特(dútè): unique
以……聞名(yǐ …… wénmíng): be known for …
栽培(zāipéi): to grow
打破紀錄(dǎpò jìlù): to break the record
拔得頭籌(bádétóuchóu): to win the first prize
從……引進 (cóng …… yǐnjìn): to import from 

防風林(fángfēnglín): wind fence plants
風味(fēngwèi): flavor
一炮而紅(yípàoérhóng): become famous overnight
少見(shǎojiàn): rare
……之王(…… zhī wáng): the king of …


Hacienda La Esmeralda is known for its variety of unique coffee beans. In August this year, the coffee beans they cultivated set a world record for the price a pound paid for coffee at US$ 601. This ground breaking geisha coffee was introduced from Ethiopia. Originally, it had only been used as the windbreak of the farm. Not until someone noticed its unique flavor, it soon became very popular. This coffee has variety of flavours, such as jasmine, lychee, peach, etc. These flavors are very rare. Mike Perry, who participated in the coffee competition as one of the judges, said: “The Geisha coffee drives me crazy. Comparing with other coffee beans, this is truly the king of coffee!」


限量80杯、一杯要價2,500元 來嚐嚐巴拿馬的超高級咖啡

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